Written Coin Appraisal - Per Hour - Centerville C&J Connection, Inc.

Written Coin Appraisal - Per Hour

  • $150.00

There are three basic types of appraisals. Each serves a different purpose and provides a different estimate of an item’s value. It is important to determine which type of appraisal will best meet your needs.

*Replacement Cost Appraisal (RCA) provides an estimate of the cost to replace an item with a new one of comparable look and quality. Replacement Cost Appraisals are most often used to determine an appropriate amount of insurance coverage. It is important that the RCA provide an accurate estimate of an item’s replacement cost. If the replacement cost is over-stated, your items could be over-insured and you will pay higher premiums than necessary. If a piece is lost or stolen, the insurance company often only reimburses you for the item’s estimated replacement cost, not necessarily the full insured amount.

*Fair-Market Value Appraisal (FMVA) is most often used for tax, trust, estate or loan purposes. The FMVA provides an estimate of the likely selling price of an item if it is sold in its current, as-is condition in its most common market.

*Consumer Protection Appraisal (CPA) is for the consumer who is considering the purchase a coin, fine jewel or precious gemstone. The report provides the consumer with an accurate description of the item’s quality and physical characteristics. The CPA helps you assess whether the seller has fairly and accurately represented the quality of the piece and whether the asking price is fair.

Rarity = Value
Old and rare coins are generally higher than newer coin values or those that were manufactured in huge quantities. But not always.
Condition Matters
A coin in pristine condition is more valuable than a damaged one. Hold your coins by the rim, keep them dry and never clean.
Ugly Coins
Even a really beat-up coin may have a high coin value because of the precious metal it contains. This is called its "bullion value."

Our written appraisal will include:

  • work to inspect, grade and gather facts about the coins
  • market research to compare like pieces
  • writing of the appraisal

Hourly rate is $100 on-site. Total hours will depend on the complexity of the collection. 

All appraisals are a minimum of one hour.  The time spent with you and your coins during the appointment will be equal to the time we take to prepare your written appraisal.  To help expedite your appointment, the best way to organize your coins are by type.  Please NEVER clean you coins before talking to our numismatist.