Engraving Services

Engraving can add just the right touch to that special gift. It makes a piece far more personal and can touch the heart in so many ways. Engraving a piece can be used for security purposes, as well as, in the case of loss or theft.

At Centerville Coin & Jewelry Connection, every staff member has been trained to use our engraving machine as well as our master engraver, who has been hand engraving for over twenty years. One of our newest additions is the computer engraver, which can do amazing things. This engraver can inscribe messages on any type of surface from plastic to metal to wood and even on glass. Engraving on a wine bottle with the liquid still inside is a great gift for weddings and anniversaries! Hundreds of different computer generated texts are available to be inscribed or we can take a special hand-written message, scan it, and engrave it in order to make it more unique.

Have our engraver put a touching message on your family heirlooms and it will be something you can cherish for a lifetime!