SoapRocks® - fine glycerin soap in the form and color of rocks and gems

  • $15.00

Each SoapRock is 6 oz.

SoapRocks® are an affordable and unique gift that anyone will enjoy! They are handcrafted to resemble precious gems.Each soap is unique, they will vary in size, weight, shape and color. Made in the USA! These glycerin soaps make an unique birthday gift. Instead of getting someone an actual birthstone, get them their birthstone in a SoapRock!

SoapRocks are very mild and extra long lasting. As they gently cleanse, soap will slowly weather away like a stream stone in geologic time, exposing the beauty locked away within. Since nature cleanses best, the manufacturer of SoapRocks uses unique blends of whole herb extracts, vitamins and minerals, from aquatic and botanical sources. All ingredients come together in the biodegradable bases of SoapRocks. 

Amber Citrine Scent: Cucumber Citrus Gardenia
Amethyst Geode Scent: Clover Melon
(February Birthstone) Amethyst Scent: Plumerica Ylang
Aqua Geode Scent: Lime Melon
(March Birthstone) Aquamarine Scent: Cucumber Gardenia
Azurite Malachite Scent: Rainforest Mist
Black Onyx Scent: Cool Mist
Black Opal Scent: Peach Melon
Blue Agate Scent: Surf - Cool, Fresh
Chrysocolla Scent: Ocean Mist
(November Birthstone) Citrine Scent: Mango Citrus Coconut
(April Birthstone) Diamond Scent: Garden of Eden - Fresh Green Apple
(May Birthstone) Emerald Scent: Cucumber Water
Fire Geode Scent: Redwood Herb
Fire Opal Scent: Peach Melon Gardenia
(January Birthstone) Garnet Scent: Crimson Cranberry
Gaspésie Scent: Tropical Breeze
Gold in Quartz Scent: Milk & Honey
Green Garnet Scent: Fresh Grapefruit Passion
Imperial Topaz Scent: Vanilla Papaya
Jade Scent: Cucumber Melon Spice
Jasper Scent: Almond Geranium
Lapiz Lazuli Scent: Ocean Fresh
Lavender Jade Scent: Rosemary Lavender
Malachite Scent: Cucumber Melon Garden Rain
Marble Scent: Pinion Peach
Moonstone Scent: Balmy Eve - Cool, Tropical
Olivine Scent: Cucumber Melon
(October Birthstone) Opal Scent: Peach Melon Gardenia
(August Birthstone) Peridot Scent: Coconut Key Lime
Platinum Gold & Copper Scent: Island - Fresh, Soothing
Rhodochrocite Scent: Cranberry Lotus
Rose Amethyst Scent: Cucumber Moss Muscatel
Rose Quartz Scent: Tea Rose
(July Birthstone) Ruby Scent: Lychee Wild Orchid
(September Birthstone) Sapphire Scent: Starry Night - Cool Mist
Septarian Geode Scent: Redwood Juniper Pinion Herb
Smoky Quartz Scent: Midnight Moon - Cool, Fresh
Soapal Scent: Geranium Moss
Star Ruby Scent: Water lilies
Star Sapphire Scent: Blossoming Plumeria
(June Birthstone) Tanzanite Scent: Starry Night - Cool, Fresh
Tiger's Eye Scent: Earth Fresh
(December Birthstone) Turquoise Scent: Calendula Gardenia
Watermelon Tourmaline Scent: Watermelon
White Opal Scent: Peach Geranium Moss