Silver Dollar date set 1878 to 1999 - Dansco Coin Albums

  • $35.95

Dansco Coin Albums have been a longtime companion for both expert numismatists and beginning coin collectors.  Album # 7172 The Silver Dollars Date Set 1878 to 1999.  Album comes in a 3/4" binder and holds up to 55 coins. The album has 5 Dansco pages , each one holding and displaying silver and base-metal dollars minted from 1878 to1981. Silver dollars were first issued in 1794 after Congress authorized them on April 2, 1792. During several periods of production the silver dollar experienced many interruptions. Liberty Seated, Trade, Morgan and Peace dollars, made of 90% silver, are among those classified as silver dollars. Starting with Eisenhower coins, copper and nickel replaced silver as the main component. All dollars minted from 1840-1978 measure 38.1 mm in diameter and their weight has varied depending on composition. Dansco Coin Albums have their pages attached with metal screws, making it easy to add and replace.

Size: 3/4 Color: Brown