Lincoln Cents 1909 to 2009 with proof - Dansco Coin Albums

  • $44.95

Dansco Coin Albums have been a longtime companion for both expert numismatists and beginning coin collectors. The Lincoln Cents 1909 to 2009 with Proof Dansco Album comes in a 1 5/16" binder and holds up to 324 coins. The album has 9 Dansco pages (series: 8100-1 to 8100-9, 7100-1 to 7100-5, 7103-1 to 7103-4, 8102-1 to 8102-5, 7102-1), each one holding and displaying all Lincoln cents minted from 1909 to 2009 including the proof coins. Through the years, the Lincoln cents have seen changes in their composition and design. The reverse of the coin has gone from the emblematic Wheat Ears to the current symbolic Shield. Their composition has seen three main stages: 1909-1942 and 1944-1982 coins were made mainly of copper; 1943 coins were made of zinc-coated steel and some of bronze and silver; 1982 to Date coins are made primarily of copper-plated zinc. Lincoln cents coins measure 19 mm in diameter and their weight has varied depending on their composition. Early year coins, for example, weigh 3.11 grams, cents from 1943 weigh 2.70 grams, and the ones now in circulation weigh 2.50 grams. Dansco Coin Albums have their pages attached with metal screws, making it easy to add and replace.

Size: 1 5/16 Color: Brown