Dansco Buffalo Nickel Album - Dansco Coin Albums

  • $29.45

Dansco Coin Albums have been a longtime companion for both expert numismatists and beginning coin collectors. The Buffalo Nickels 1913-1938 Dansco Album comes in a 5/8" binder and holds up to 70 coins. The album has 2 Dansco pages (series: 7112-1 to 7112-2), each one holding and displaying all Buffalo nickels minted from 1913-1938. In this album, on page 7112-2, there is a slot for the 1937-D, the 3-legged buffalo coin, perhaps the most wanted of all the Buffalo nickels. Indian Head Nickel coins, better known as Buffalo, are made of 75% copper and 25% nickel. They measure 21.2 mm in diameter and each weighs 5 grams. Buffalo nickels were minted at the Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco Mints. Dansco Coin Albums have their pages attached with metal screws, making it easy to add and replace.

Size: 5/8 Color: Brown