American 1 oz Eagle $50 14K Gold Screwtop Coin Bezel (32.69mm)

  • $425.00

Bezel fits the coin American 1 Oz Eagle $50
14K Gold Plain Screwtop Bezel
Dimensions In Millimeters: 32.69 x 2.84

A unique gift for yourself or a loved one and makes the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Every bezel includes a bail suitable for hanging from your chain. Chain not included. Screwtop bezels have a small screw at the top of the bezel to mount or remove coin.  Our jewelry department recommends after mounting your coin you put a small drop of super glue behind the screw for extra security.  If you ever wish to take your coin out of the mount you can soak your pendant in finger nail polish remover to remove the glue.

Starting prices are for bezel only.

Need a coin to put in your bezel? We sell finished Coin Jewelry already mounted!

Our bezels may fit other unlisted coins if the coin size matches the size of our bezels. If you need to measure your coin, we recommend using a standard millimeter gauge. Make sure to measure the diameter and thickness of your coin. Each screwtop bezel has an inside channel that the coin securely fits into without any extra room. Make sure to be exact in your measurements. Please contact our jewelry department at 1-937-436-3003 for any questions about mounting your coins in our bezels.